San Felipe Activities

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


In San Felipe, Baja, Mexico, we often receive tourists who don't seem to believe they are Activities in San Felipe, Bajaresponsible for their own entertainment. You can see them sitting back, expecting pleasant diversions to crowd them for approval. This may be a result of television or Romance Novels. Probably both.

When it comes to entertainment, San Felipe doesn't play the fawning toady. It doesn't line up your daily dosage of escapism, although there are a few retirement communities that are trying their best to do just that. Don't get the idea there is nothing to do here; there's plenty to do. But many of the activities require a certain amount of sleuthing to uncover. Some need foresight on part of the tourist, requiring them to haul the necessary equipment down with them. And a few of the activities are on the endangered list, if not actually extinct, due to local bureaucratic shenanigans.

When the neurological itch to get out of your hammock annoys you and you don't know where to scratch to get rid of it, San Felipe perscribes a long list of antidotes to take your mind off the malady. The links to the right may save you some time. It's not a complete list because entertainment is a moveable feast and communities tend to change their escape routes anyway. The list continues to grow from year to year. We may not offer the same caliber of amusements as metropolitan New York, but the gap is slowly closing between what many people here want and what there is.


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