Geocaching in San Felipe

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

Geocaching in San Felipe

Hmmm. According to the GPS it ought to be within twenty feet. But there's nothing here but rocks and bushes. What's going on? Have I got a bad waypoint map? Wait! There's something weird about that boulder over there. Well for the luva...

GPS UnitGeocaching is a growing sport for the motor home vagabond who nurtures an interest in traveling and fortune hunting. Wanderlust has been given an injection of urgency for these people, who are for the most part map-addicted, GPS worshipping ground hounds out to defeat Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle by knowing at any given moment exactly how fast they're moving and precisely where they are. The geocacher is an adventurer, slashing and hacking across hostile terrain to draw near a hidden destination. Somewhere near the GSP coordinates, somehow, a cache (geocache) of novelties has been hidden by a (hopefully) clever person who has mastered the art of making something invisible that's hidden in plain sight.

Cachers have handles --nicknames, that is. Like truckers, they can be called anything from Apeman to Wonderwoman. These ID's appear in logs found on the internet at geocaching sites as well as SIG (Special Interest Groups) sites and even personal web pages. The logs describe in detail the various caching trips, the terrain, GPS reception in the area, and the difficulties involved in actually finding the cache.

Geocaching expeditions are rated by difficulty. Someone with the handle of Brokenwing has web-enabled an interactive form that will rate your particular geocaching adventure. Just answer the on-line questions, click the Rate Cache button and it generates the rating number. The number is often seen in log entries on the internet. San Felipe Geocache

San Felipe has entered the Geocaching craze recently. A group of enthusiasts have hidden several caches in the area. The town has thrown its hat into the ring and added its tokens to the already over 50,000 caches hidden in over 170 countries. For more information on the San Felipe caches, especially the webcam cache, CLICK HERE. For the latest image from the San Felipe Geocache Cam, CLICK HERE.

For more information about Geocaching, visit its unofficial principal web site. There you'll learn nearly everything you'll need to know to get started in this sport that combines equal measures of hiking, exploring, map reading, GPS aptitude and ingenuity, including a brief history of geocaching. If you are unfamiliar with GPS technology and how they are used, visit this site.

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If you are embarking on your first geocaching expedition, there is also an online Guide to Finding a Cache. So what are you waiting for? Fire up the 4x4 or rail and tackle some of those hard-to-reach-except-with-two-burros-and-a-flashlight caches.