San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
Shrimp Festival 2006
Malecón billboard for the Shrimp Festival, 2006.
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Tradesmen are clapping and banging hammers and wallboard. Power saws are shrieking, drills are probing the wooden teeth of ad hoc kiosks and mock apartments. The 3nd Annual Real Estate, T-Shirt, Baseball Cap and Blanket Festival, er, I mean the 14th Annual Shrimp Festival, has arrived.

Access to the Malecon is limited to display-related personnel while an Electric Company cherry picker platform makes the rounds hoisting banners above the main streets.

The travelling carnaval has set up a number of rides as well as a haunted house and freak show.

A temporary disco was assembled at the north end of the Malecon.

Things will get going this evening. So come and join the festivities. Sample one of San Felipe's most celebrated events. Check our webcam to view the progress.

Itinerary for 2006

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The aftermath of the festival.

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