San Felipe's Las amigas Club

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
Las Amigas' LogoClub Las Amigas, A.C. started in 1986 through the vision of our founder, Diana Arostegui. Through lots of effort and the cooperation of numerous people in the community, the new club grew and has made a dramatic impact in San Felipe. Club Las Amigas is a non-profit organization comprised of international women who live either part time or full time in San Felipe. Their primary objective is to further the education of local Mexican children who desire to achieve their fullest potential, but need financial help to do so.

Since our founding in 1986, 33 students have graduated and more than 30 students are in college through Las Amigas scholarships at this time.

All work done by members or board members is strictly on a volunteer basis, and no members are paid for their services.

January 12, 2010

On December 30 a Las Amigas brunch was held in honor of our University Students at George’s Restaurant on Mar De Cortez in San Felipe. Twenty students and over 25 members and guests were in attendance. Fidelia Chavez Jimenez who graduated last year and is teaching at Cobach in San Felipe also attended.

It was a warm sunny day and everyone was in the festive spirit. Rafaela A. Sterling, Manager of George’s, provided us with a spacious area decorated for the season. A beautiful holiday tree became the perfect setting for individual pictures of the students. Patricia Lowe from Club Las Amigas did a great job as photographer. The pictures are on the Club Las Amigas website at for all to view.

Our President, Carol Goddard, led the program. Olivia Siqueiros introduced the students and professionals. There are now over 50 professionals in Mexico who were sponsored by Las Amigas. Each student expressed their gratitude for all that Las Amigas does to keep them in school and sincere appreciation for the opportunity to pursue their dream of a professional career.

Hazael Sierra Castillo, Delegado of San Felipe, delighted the students with encouraging words to continue their education and follow their goals to better life in San Felipe.

The prayer was led by Carol and Olivia. A delicious buffet was served which included: coffee, orange juice, eggs, meats, chiliques, papas and beans, hot tortillas and plenty of sweet rolls. The moist lemony cake was a hit with everyone.

Olivia presented a special dedication to Dorothy Biely, the founder and hardworking advocate of the University Program. The audience expressed tears and gratitude of the impact Dorothy has made on their lives by writing their words on the back of the event program. The programs are now in the hands of Dorothy to read. The closing prayer was given by Asiria Martinez, who is majoring in Architecture.

My special gratitude to everyone who attended and helped made the brunch an event to remember.

Caren Ann Cianciabella, Chair
University Scholarship Program