San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

Did man invent art or did Nature perfect art long before the first hominid smeared pigment against stone? Or is art something outside both, merely echoed in their respective works?

san felipe art sceneThe peninsula of Baja, Mexico is one of Nature's great maestros. It embodies all the lessons of serious art: balance, light, shade, color and composition. It is a nearly foolproof environment for the average shutterbug, who often struts from the local 1 hour photo service in an Ansel Adams glow of artistic superiority.

San Felipe has its own collection of writers, painters, illustrators, photographers, musicians and sculptors. Many of them try to imitate the maestro, but none of them has the talent of the Baja Peninsula. It's a matter of opinion who succeeds and who doesn't. The Baja itself, in its great wisdom, abstains from voting.