Myths and Legends of San Felipe

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico is considered to be a border town. It lives under the aegis of Mexicali. Border towns often attract personalities who leave deep impressions on local history. Primal MythsThese impressions frequently derive from gossip and rumor. If they manage to sustain an appeal to the active imagination, they find legs as legends. And if the appeal crosses the generational divide, they ultimately become smelted into mythology.


Gossip is truth filtered through a probability curve. People are willing to believe something about their neighbors as long as the rumor is probable or even possible in their minds.

Legends are one step beyond the probable. They are rumors lost to memory and experience, transcribed to history. When a legend becomes groomed by the symbols of the collective unconscious, a myth is born and the seed of truth from which it sprang no longer has any importance.

San Felipe is young to legends and myths. It is still at the gossip and rumor stage. But slowly, stories with some elements of legend are appearing. And what smacks of mythology has been processed through the fables of the indigenous natives first encountered by the Jesuit missionaries.