Show Us Your T*ts

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico



When the Mardi Gras revelers and the Spring Breakers arrive in San Felipe, voyeurs young, middle-aged, and old will be on watch for the annual tradition of females baring their breasts on the playas of this “sleepy” fishing village.

Show MeEver since the movie Where The Boys Are over forty years ago, college students have been beaking free during their spring hiatus and making for sunny places --warm and far enough away from supervision that they can cavort, get drunk and lose their inhibitions. Little did they know that nearly fifty years before them, during World War I, European students were enjoying this same type of frivolity. American doughboys who were hunkered in the trenches of France occasionally became goggle-eyed as nymp-like maidens in flimsy attire frolicked in the area, teasing them with lascivious movements and flirtatious looks. Much to the chagrin of these American boys, many from farms and hinterlands, some of these “maidens” were actually school aged boys who decided to play a prank by cross-dressing. When the deception was discovered the angry Yanks, in a chorus of voices, shouted, “Show me you “t * t s!” They demanded proof of the advertised goods.

Quite likely during reunions and conventions, some of the legionnaires passed on the phrase to their grandsons when they were gathered in such hedonistic spots as New Orleans. Actually it was New Orleans that gave further impetus to the bacchanalian ritual. One of Playboy’s honchos was there during Mardi Gras when he noticed the practice going on. He thought it would make a great picture spread for the magazine. The following year, Playboy rented a French Quarter building with a wrought iron balcony and staffed it with Playboy bunnies who augmented, as it were, the practice. As a further incentive, Playboy started giving out strings of plastic beads to any girl who would flash her breasts. This caught on like wild fire. Young men, lecherous old men and even boys would buy huge supplies of beads to entice the girls.

What’s in store for San Felipe during Spring Break? Only time will tell. Want to buy some beads?


by John Wozny