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UFO's and San Felipe

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

San Felipe has always been a good place to drop your head back and stare at the sky. Especially at night. Just a few miles out of town the light pollution drops to near zero and the sky looks like a Liberace costume (or is that the other way around?).

Nearly every resident has a story to tell about strange lights in the night sky. UFO's. Close Encounters.

Here is an article sent to Blueroadrunner by Juliet Vega. It appeared on the NUFORC website (THE NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER) which is a project dedicated to the collection and dissemination of UFO data.

Rendering of the reported event.

Here is a story found on the internet:
I live in Vancouver BC, Canada. I returned home on Sunday, after spending a couple of weeks in San Felipe, Baja de California, Mexico.

On April 27, the night before we left, we were sitting outside our tent-trailer in a campground by the beach in the sea of Cortez (Mar del Sol) at approximately 9/9:30 pm, when my 9year old son- who was looking to see falling stars- called out.

I was with my mother ((deleted)) and my father ((deleted)). As we all looked up, my father shouted out loud: "Look up, everyone look up in the sky!".

Other campers, from San Pedro (LA) California, who camped beside us, also witnessed the same thing. Now, explaining what we saw might not be so easy but... I will try anyway! Initially we saw a V shaped formation of extremely bright lights travelling at an incredible speed towards north-east. These lights mantained an incredibly perfect and fixed relationship to each other for a while, to the point that my mom said: "they are like snow gheese" (Lit by what?). After a few seconds some of the lights- which seemed to have an aura or glow about them- made some strange right to left and left to right movement, like a shuffling a very quick and perfect shuffle, to them form a perfectly straight line before reassuimg the V shape. We kept looking up till we could no longer see them/it and the whole event must have lasted at least 3 minutes.

I have worked in the film industry for years and edited with video special effects... I have looked up at the night sky many times in my life, admired the stars from many corners of the globe. I have seen satellites, planes, birds, Northern Lights, fireworks, falling stars (and so have my parents) but this time we all agree, we have seen something that we cannot explain!

If you wish to contact me please do: ((deleted)) PS: On Thursday Night I saw a show on the Discovery Channel titled: "Into the unknown", The lights shown seen and witnessed by hundreds of people over Phoenix, Arizona and the V formation reported were exactly like the ones we saw over San Felipe, Baja de California on April 27/2000 the only difference was the speed of travel and the shuffling. The brightness and spacing looked identical.

A few local and near-local sightings: