San Felipe's Haunted Red House

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

The following was emailed to Blueroadrunner:

The Red House
The Red House

Ms. Shirley Crick, a resident of the Playas de San Felipe community, was eccentric and an avowed atheist. She resided in the Red House, which she had constructed for herself and a female friend. This house became known as the White Elephant, which is a phrase used by real estate brokers for something big and good for nothing.

Shirley had a dog and a cat. She had a daily habit of walking the dog, Penny. One day my husband mentioned to me that he had not seen Shirley walking past our house lately. He felt something was amiss, so he decided to pay her a visit and see if everything was all right.

There was no answer in response to his knock. He could hear Penny barking hysterically and he became aware of a foul oder seeping from under the closed door. As it turned out, Shirley Crick had expired ten days prior to my husband's visit. The authorities were called in, which in itself was a surreal story.

Shirley had been planning to sell her home and move in with her brother, who lived in Alaska. She had been worried about dying in her house and not being found. As fate had it, her concerns became a reality.

Over the years since her death, numerous strange and inexplicable incidents have occurred inside the Red House.

The following events reportedly happened at the Red House:

• The first person interested in leasing the house after Shirley Crick's demise was an American woman, who asked me not to divulge her name. On her first visit to inspect the premises, she made a turnabout at the front door entrance and said directly in a firm voice to my husband and me, “Shirley Crick's soul is earthbound here. I felt her presence when I entered the house.” This woman, for unanticipated reasons, was later unable to rent the place.

• When I entered the Red House a few weeks later, I took notice that someone had previously been in the house and placed Tarot Cards on each Royal Step to the second floor and also placed them around a chalk figure where Shirley Crick's body had been found.

• The following year, the Red House was rented for the Baja 250 Race for four nights. On the second night of their stay, the team knocked on my door. They said they were vacating the premises, that someone kept entering the house and eating their food. I believed it was Shirley Crick's cat, which we had never found. But they insisted it was a person because the kitchen was tidied up after the food was eaten.

• My in-laws and brother-in-law arrived for a familial visit some time later and I gave them permission to spend a night in the Red House. I did not mention that a person had died there. In the middle of the night my brother-in-law rang my door bell and said a person had entered the house and was rocking back and forth in the rocking chair. But when he investigated the noise, no one was there. They left shortly afterward, appearing quite relieved to get out of San Felipe.

• The Red House was later leased to a Mr. Paul Sanders, an Engineer from Anchorage, Alaska. A month passed without incident. Then late one night he knocked on my door and asked if my husband and I could join him in a séance because Sthere was a spirit roaming the house. I asked what he meant by that and he said every evening the chandelier in the living room started swinging back and forth. He said he was not afraid of the spirit, he just wanted to get rid of the nuisance. We decided not to join him and within a week he defaulted on his lease and moved out.

• The second lease on the Red house was to a couple from Canada, who had brought a young teenage girl to live with them. My own teenage granddaughter became acquainted with this girl. On one occasion they had a pool party and made a pizza, which they left on the kitchen counter to eat after their swim. When later my granddaughter returned to my house, she announced that someone or something had eaten the entire pizza. Cat or an earthbound spirit, you be the judge.

• One woman, a previous resident of San Felipe and once-owner of a local restaurant, claims she once heard a noise coming from the garage. When she went to investigate, she saw a old lady standing there, the spitting image of Shirley Crick.

• My husband has been told by several locals that to this day, while driving by the Red House, they at times see an old lady dressed in a white flowing night gown, her arm outstretched, standing at Shirley Crick's bedroom window.

• For three years after Shirley's departure, someone kept ringing my doorbell, but no one was there when I opened it. I asked an electrician to check it out. He had no explanation.

So that's the story of the Red House. At least what I know of it. I suspect other people have other equally mysterious stories about it.