San Felipe's Pistolon the Drug Dog

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

Pistolon the drug dog with his collar cam.

Follow the exploits of Pistolón*, the renown border drug-dog with the nook-and-cranny webcam on his collar.

Pistolón has an uncanny eye, almost a sixth sense. He's been trained to detect the subtle tell-tale tricks of a clever drug smuggler. Below are his most recent triumphs.

The zippered  muffler trick.
These sneaky attempts at running contraband over the border were thwarted by the daring Pistolón. Click on photo to enlarge.
Ready for cork-popping.

Pistolón works long hours to arrest the flow of narcotics at the border. He's utterly tireless and dedicated. It has been acknowledged that very few mules are clever enough to get by him. So don't bother trying. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, remember Pistolón and "Just say 'Woof' (No)."

*Any resemblance to real drug-dogs, living or dead, is unintentional and purely coincidental.