San Felipe, Baja, Mexico is interested in your travel yarns, or ones you've heard and like. It doesn't matter how wild or improbable they sound. Just as long as they're about the Baja.

Like the one about the guy who flew from the top of Picacho del Diablo to Cabo San Lucas on a Coleman cooler converted into a hang glider.

The first eight steps.
A carefully planned trip
leaves one less ass in San Felipe.

Or the woman who installed a Volkswagen motor on a reclined shower stall, welded axles to it and drove it from El Dorado to Mike's Sky Ranch, claiming she got 31 miles to the gallon.

Hey, we'll believe anything.

What about the prospector who lost his leg in an accident, made a temporary one out of a barrel cactus and clumped 79 miles through the mountains, arriving at San Felipe a week later, the doctors unable to remove the ersatz appendage because the cactus had grown roots into his body?

And let's not forget the woman who walked to Percebu from the Valley of the Giants with a rattlesnake hanging from her ass (and toilet paper still stuck to her shoes).

Then there was the kid who hid in a golf bag at Pete's Camp and ended up in the back of a panga, heading for Puerto Peñasco. The clever lad jumped out of the boat unnoticed near Isla Consag, swam ashore and lived on bird guano and sand fleas for four days until he was rescued by a San Felipe resident in a kayak who had paddled out to the island to see why it kept changing shape from his kitchen window.

Of course no one will forget the UCLA student who wanted to unicycle the entire length of the trans-peninsular highway. Three months into the trip, and just 63 miles from Land's End, he came out of a bar to find his bike jacked up on a brick and his wheel gone.