Shrimp Festival 2005

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
Shrimp Festival 2005
Malecón billboard for the Shrimp Festival, 2005.
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The 2nd Annual Real Estate, T-Shirt, Baseball Cap and Blanket Festival, er, I mean the 13th Annual Shrimp Festival, has arrived. The street sweepers have finished combing the dust from the curbs and this year saved some time by using an industrial sized dust pan.

The town's a centipede of activity. Baja Java's deck is sagging like a hammock from the weight of the breakfast crowds. There's a dangerous gauntlet of hammers and saws waving in the air around the real estate booths as they undergo the finishing touches to provide just the right environment to display a brochure.

As you can see by the list of activities below, music and food are high on the list of events. So come and join the festivities. Sample one of San Felipe's most celebrated events.

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