Spring Break

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico
Spring Break

The dates vary from year to year, but some time during February, March or April, college doors all over Canada and the United States are thrown open and students flood toward their favorite party destinations for something they call Spring Break, a saturnalian activity reportedly created by MTV in an attempt to boost its ratings . The best-known destinations, Daytona Beach, Panama City Beach, South Padre Island, and Cancun, are too distant for the scrambling droves of Southern Californian students who seem to require an immediate injection of music, noise, booze and distraction. San Felipe, Baja, Mexico has slowly been retooling itself to provide these kids with the things they want.

It's the combination of weather, sun, sandy beaches, late nightclubs, good restaurants and party atmosphere that keeps students coming back to San Felipe every year.

Other activities that may or may not happen, depending on who's doing what, are casino nights, bar crawls, beach volleyball, paint-gun wars, hosted happy hours, luaus and daily beach parties with beachside musical events. Banana boat rides are perennially available, of couse.
Spring Break 2002

There are several places on the internet that arrange Spring Break tours to San Felipe, shuttling kids from as far away as Washington state.

More traditional packages can be found at Mexicotravelnet or Club-Mex. MexicoSpringBreak has a site that takes reservations. These are a few of the comapnies that routinely offer Spring Break tour packages to San Felipe and other party destination spots.

What's to do during Spring Break? Well, cruising around on All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) which can be rented from Bahia ATV on Malecon Road #122., seems to be a popular activity. Be sure not to ride them on the dunes though, unless you'd like a $100.00 fine to keep as a souvenir. And of course a Foam Party is a must-do.


Because of the bias the US media has exhibited in its attempt to strangle the flow of tourism to Mexico (for a possible reason, click here) there has been very little student activity during Spring Break for the past several years in San Felipe, and certainly no organized visits. Perhaps when people stop believing everything they see strobing out of their televisions or everything they read in the press, that condition may change.