Christmas Parade

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

The San Felipe Christmas Parade of Lights took place last night (Dec 8/06) at about 6pm. Shortly before it began there were indicators that something was about to happen. The traffic thickened and families wearing Santa Claus hats with blinking red LED lights began to stream to the shores of the main intersection, Av mar de Cortez and Chetumal. An elote stand below Baja Java began doing brisk business and people people walked away from it with their hot buttered cobs of corn and sat on the low planters beside the streets. As the temperature dropped, kids shoved their hands in their coats pockets and jumped on the pavement to keep warm. As the crowd swelled, the trundling voices of a hundred conversations blurred to the familiar pre-parade drone. Pickup trucks sagging with people policed the curbs for parking places. Police cars made a few passes along the streets with their sirens wailing; the announcement that the time was near. And then finally the Jurassic howl of the first tractor truck's air horn as it slowly edged up Mar de Cortez, its heavy mane of lights presaging the glittering tribute to Christmas festooning its flatbed.

Below is an automatic Java slide show of the Christmas 2006 Parade. If it does not come up, go to the Java Site and install the latest Java Runtime Environment.


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