Stop the Flood of Telcel Messages

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

Somehow you have inadvetantly subscribed to Telcel's PUSH service for news alerts. Now you are getting at least half a dozen unwelcome messages to your phone a day. How do you stop it? Easy. Just bring up your messaging app and tap the icon required to create a new message. In the 'To' line, type 2222. In the message line type BAJA. Then hit the Send icon. That's it. You will receive a message verifyng your cancelation of the service.

This process won't stop messages announcing the latest bonus opportunities or deals on time blocks, but it will certainly taper the flood to a trickle.

If you are interested in blocking ALL Tecel messages, your messaging app might support Blacklisting. When the next Tecel message appears, look for three vertical dots near one of the corners of the screen and click there. An option to Blacklist the source of the message might be on the menu list.