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San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

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real estate pages receive approximately ten per cent of the site's monthly traffic - currently between 25,000-30,000 visitors/ month. contains over 700 pages of information and hosts San Felipe's first webcam (active now for over five years) with a view of the San Felipe bay and El Macharro, the town's 'Diamondhead'-like peak.

Google returns Blueroadrunner on the first page of its search results with simple enquiries containing 'san felipe' and key business words such as 'real estate', 'home for sale', 'accommodations', 'ejido', 'fedeicomiso', and many others.

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Test Blueroadrunner's placement yourself. Try 'san felipe real estate', or 'san felipe accommodations' or any combination of 'san felipe' with terms like 'Private Listings', 'homes for sale', 'Spring Break', 'Carnava'l, 'Snowbirds', 'FM3', 'Visa', 'Event Calender', 'business', 'shopping', 'what to see', 'tides', 'kayaking', 'cactus', 'desert', 'photos', 'art', 'slide show','internet' or any other words that are relevant to the town or its activities.


The cost of real estate advertising with Blueroadrunner (San Felipe Magazine's Peoples' Choice for Best Website of 2007) is less than most Baja sites or portals. An active text link to your local business site in both the online directory as well as the real estate page is just $120 for a year.

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