Maps pf San Felipe and Area

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

Man is a map-obsessed animal. History books are thick with the adventures of map-making explorers. Archaeology maps human evolution. Psychiatry is an attempt to map the human psyche. Scientist are celebrating the mapping of the human genome. Oceanography maps the sea floors. Astronomy maps the known universe. And Hollywood sells maps to the stars. We make games of maps called Risk or Global Domination. We put them on license plates and under coffee table glass. Where would we be without them? Below are a few that might be useful when you decide to visit San Felipe. Campo maps, street maps, peninsular maps, a points of interest map and even satellite photos of the new border crossing is available here. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge the image.


Map of San Felipe
Map of Mexicali
Campo Map
Map of Baja
Map of San Felipe
Mexicali Map
Map of the Campos
Baja Map


San Felipe Info Map
Both Border Crossings
New Border Crossing
San Felipe Info Map

(map by Wornout)


North Campos
South Campos
Villas de Cortez 171.8   La Hacienda 1
Campo Don Abel 171.9   San Fernando RV Park 6
Campo Los Amigos 172.8   Residence Faro Beach 6.5
Desert Lakes 173.4   La Perla del Mar 6.6
Las Magdalenas 174   Residence Betel II - Condos 7
Centro Vacacional Burautica 174.4   Villa Marina Beach Resort 8.5
Campo Jalisco 174.7   Campo Lobo-Punta Estrella 9
Unknown Development 175   Mision de los Sahuaros 9.3
Campo Perla 176.5   Las Conchas RV Park 10
El Dorado/La Ventana del Mar 176.7   Punta Estrella 11
Pete's Camp 177.7   Poncho's Place 13.3
Playa San Rafael 178.3   Valley of the Giants 14
Jacarandas Club 178.7   California Rancho Marina 17
Baja Palms 178.9   Percebu 27
Playa de Oro 179   Campo Playa Hermosa 30.5
Playa Caracol 179.5   Santa Maria 31
Los Compadres 180.2   Campo Mayma 31.5
Vista del Mar 180.6   Nuevo Mazatlan 32
Pop's Camp 180.8   La Jolla 32.5
Campo Pai Pai 181.6   Playa Linda 33
Campo San Diego 181.9   La Roca 33.5
Campo Ocotillos 182   Delicias 34
Playa del Sol 182.8   Police/Fire Department 35
Los Dolfines 182.9   El Vergel 35
Playa Blanca 183.4   Campo Esmeralda 36
Campo el Pescador 185.3   La Perlita 36.5
      Campo Diamante 37.5
      Campo Santa Fe 37.7
      Campo Villa del Mar 38
      Campo San Martin 38.2
      Campo Garcia 39
      Playa Mexico 39.5
      Campo Cielita Linda 40.5
      Campo Agua Azul 40.7
      Campo Cadena 41.5
      Campo Jimenez 42
      Campo Los Gorditos 42.5
      Campo San Antonio 43
      Campo Badilla 44
      Playa Gabriela 44.5
      Playa Adriana 45
      May y Sol 45.5
      Campo Los Morritos 45.5
      Campo San Jose 46
      Rudy's Camp 47.2
      Campo San Francisco 47.8
      Playa Xanic 48.2
      Campo Los Pulpos 49
      Campo Coloradito 49.3
      Campo El Consuelo 49.5
      Campo Punto Baja 50
      Playa el Sueno 51.5
      Campo Julia 52.5
      Campo Cristina 54
      Campo Chihuahua 58
      Campo Los Olivos 58.5
      Campo Conquistador 66
      Campo la Violeta 68
      Dundikken Lodge 70
      Campo Cesar 73
      Bahai Santa Teresa 71
      Playa Destiny 71.3
      Cow Patty Restaurant 73
      Octavio's Camp 75