San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

February 28, 2005

This past weekend saw the annual carrera (race) of San Felipe's Kindergardens. Jardin de Niños Miguel Aleman and Jardin de Niños Luis Pasteur both participated in a torch run they called Carrera Conduceme Papá, (Guide Me, Father) which is designed to unite young pre-schoolers with their fathers for a day of fun and games.

A course was layed out and the young toddlers were positioned at one or two hundred foot intervals with a parent at their side. The run began at the Aleman Kintergarten with the parent carrying the torch beside his or her daughter or son. When they reached the waiting parent and offspring at the next station, the torch was passed, hands were linked and the run continued. And so on until they finished back at the school. Two buses followed the participants and collected the couples as they finished their part of the relay.

The buses unloaded at the school as the last father and son completed the run and posed for photographs. Then everyone poured into the school's courtyard where decorations, live music, food and games awaited them.

Family competitions were organized and the kids laughed and pranked with such entries as tug-o-war, rapid puzzle assembly, basketball played with a tennis ball and spread-eagle standing on their parents' shoulders.

There was a lot of levity as the emcee organized events and playfully spurred the contestants on. She was very genial and provided a relaxed and enjoyable environment for the families.

After the games, participants in the race lined up and reived a special commemorative pin, which was fixed to their shirts.

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