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What We Need

  • $65 page setup
  • $10/month listing
  • $20 scanning fee if you provide paper photos
  • $35 to photograph your house if you cannot provide digital photos
  • 6 month minimum listing
  • A detailed list of features. Click Here for a sample listing.

Blueroadrunner.com is a high-traffic San Felipe website that receives about 25,000-30,000 visitors a month. Nearly 3,000 of those visitors are real estate-related. Blueroadrunner provides ‘for-sale-by-owner’ listings for the north and south campos, central San Felipe and a separate section for El Dorado.

Why List with Blueroadrunner?

  • We do not lock your listing. You can list with brokers while selling on Blueroadrunner
  • We charge nothing at the time of sale
  • Your listing is world-wide, not just local
  • The buyer contacts you directly
  • Photo slide show of your exterior/interior
  • You can use the URL in newspaper and magazine ads, a great saving in ad length and cost

Use the form below to send your listing information. Then send your photos using the link below it, which will utilize your email program. If you use webmail (ie: hotmail, yahoo, etc) you will have to use it to send the photos. Finally, you can use the shopping cart to pay for the hosting contract. If you do not have a Paypal account, look for the link on the shopping cart page to use your credit card.



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Attach only a JPEG image to your email -- do not send ZIP, BMP, TIF, inline images or BinHex (Mac users) format. Send images no larger than 640x480 in the form of a jpg or gif. If you do not use a POP3 email client, use your webmail account.

Page Design
6 Months Hosting
$125 ...