San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


If you would like to contact Mr. Haney, good luck. He has taken to electronic solutions for communication about as much as a coyote takes to kayaking. His many fans will just have to meet him through his scripts and the body of work he has left to them under the DC banner.

Postscript: Bob suffered a stroke some months back and is not in good condition. He is unable to talk and does not seem to recognize friends or family. He is presently in a convalescent hospital in the United States. Blueroadrunner has received several emails inquiring about Bob's condition. Some, who have worked in the health field, feel that fan letters and get-well cards would go a long way to boost his morale. If you'd like to send him a get-well card, or just a note to say 'hi', mail it to:

Robert Haney
Room 308 Bed 1.
Comunity Convalesent Hospital
8665 La Mesa Blvd
La Mesa Ca.



Latest news on Bob Haney:

Sept. 2, 2004
I was delighted to walk into Bob's room to find an improved man. It gives me hope that my visits and the many letters from fans have really boosted his spirit. I read him all the letters on his bulletin board from fans who only knew him as the writer for DC Comics. These notes and letters (most of which were appropriately on Batman stationary or cards) were filled with appreciation and sentiments that let Bob know how very important his work was for them. He eyes glowed and he was able to display the biggest grin I have ever seen on him ....even before his stroke. So the the long and short of it --WE, his fans, friends and family who have known him either personally or through his work, comic books or otherwise, DO make a difference to him. So please keep the cards coming and I will personally make sure that each time I go by the nursing home, I will read them to Bob.

JC Whitfield

Sad News, Nov. 21/04:
I was able to visit with Bob in Hospice on Sunday, Dec. 21st. There were hospice nurses visiting him 24 hours a day when I was there, giving him loving care. Although he was in pretty bad shape and in much pain, I know that he recognized that I was there, still giving me his effort to smile and waving his hand for me. I knew that it wouldn't be long before Bob would not have the energy to fight any longer. I held his hand and told him that he didn't have to fight any longer. I talked with him about relaxing and breathing as calmly as possible and feeling peace with the idea of letting go and that we all would understand that it was his time to be in peace. I prayed with him (just for me, as I explained to him) for peace to fill his soul and allow his transition to a different dimension. I knew that his time was limited. Somehow, his face relaxed and as I left the room and glanced back, I knew I wouldn't see him again in this lifetime.

Thanks for giving me the article about him written by Mr. Kingman, I read it to him as well as played all the voices of the many individuals from San Felipe whom I had recorded earlier. All of those voices were probably amongst the last of his memories as he listened to each of them talk to him as if he were still under the Palapa, watching CNN or at Juanito's enjoying an evening of music, laughing at the karaoke or just talking with the many friends there.

Bob died on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 24th.

You probably already know this but I wanted to write what it was like for me saying goodbye to a great legend, a brave man, a friend, my favorite dancer at Juanita's and a special love in my life. The wonderful things is that his legend will live through his comic scripts and in the minds of those who really knew the Bob Haney I knew and treasured.

See you soon,

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