The Green Angels

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

The Green Angels Guarding San Felipe


Green Angel Truck in San Felipe

The Angeles Verdes (Green Angels) is an organization belonging to the Federal Secretary of Tourism. They drive radio-equipped vehicles and their main function is to help tourists who experience car problems along any of their patrolled highways. They also have a communication network with different government offices and can offer basic tourist information about the State and the rest of the country.

The Green Angels provide medical first aid, mechanical services, including basic mechanical supplies. You won't be charged for their services, but you will be chanrged for parts, gas, and oil. They patrol the highway to San Felipe daily, from dawn until sunset. If you are unable to call them, pull off the road and lift up the hood of your car. Chances are good they'll find you.

If you have an emergency while driving between Mexicali and San Felipe, call the Ministry of Tourism's hotline (078) and ask them to contact the closest Green Angel. Or just wait. One will be by eventually.