San Felipe and Baja Geologt

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico  

San Felipe and Baja Geology

The geological history of the Baja Peninsula is a Wagnerian opera - full of Precambrian mountainous low tones, oceanic high notes, lots of heat, pressure, violence and finally separation.

The present shape of Baja California was developed in the last 5-10 million years as the continent finally submitted to the attenuation caused by the North American Plate overriding the East Pacific Rise. This opened successive areas of the Gulf and eventually spread along the peninsula's long axis about 5 million years ago. The splitting of the continent tilted the peninsula westward forming the asymmetric fault blocks of the main ranges of the Sierra Juarez, Sierra San Pedro Martir, Sierra la Giganta and uplifting other ranges such as the Sierra la Asamblea and Sierra la Victoria. Coastal California.

Science tells us Baja California will eventually become an island. Ann then this slow moving boat of stone and sand will head north to Alaska, where a trench leads the Pacific Plate back into the Earth’s mantle. At the present rate of movement, we won’t get there for tens of millions of years. The movement of the plate, however, tickles many faults, creating numerous small and large earthquakes in the Californias.