San Felipe Animal Rescue

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico  
The Animal Rescue Saves Lives

We started SAN FELIPE ANIMAL RESCUE, a non-kill animal shelter and rescue organization, in 2002 and became a 501(c3) non-profit Corporation in 2003. We estimate a staggering 7000 stray and indigent dogs living in our streets, camps, on the beaches and in the desert throughout this community and it’s outlying areas.

After consulting other rescue groups and organizations, we determined that if we can spay or neuter 75% of this prolific animal population we will achieve zero population growth, therefore getting ahead of the “production line”. We are approaching 1500 surgeries, and continue to do 100 more each month. We are right on target for reaching our goal by 2008.

This is an extremely poor community and funds for running SFAR are limited. SlingbladeWe apply monthly for 40-80 grants in the US and are rejected by virtually all of them. Our grant proposal looks terrific. The proposal is comprehensive and addresses all the issues even the most corporate of grant-givers and foundations expect—What’s the problem? We are not in the USA and most grant-givers and foundations will only fund their own region or geographical area. Thus, it is extremely difficult to get funding as others do in the US. We are validated and complimented for the good work we do and have done, but as far as money is concerned, it’s always the same…”sorry, you are outside of our parameters and you do not meet our criteria.” What’s a Rescue to do that has such a BIG job, staff to pay, dogs and cats to feed, medicines to buy and veterinarians to pay? We beg for help!

LonnieWe also run a modest Thrift Store in town that raises money for SAN FELIPE ANIMAL RESCUE. We sell terrific shoes on eBay, have an on-line boutique, and we do local fundraising. Most “gringos” who come here seasonally are on fixed incomes and can donate only small amounts. For the Mexican people, the welfare of animals is just not a priority for them. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s simply that feeding, clothing and vaccinating their children is at the top-of-the-list as you might expect.

If you can see it in your heart to help us out, please click on the link marked DONATIONS on our site…The rest is easy! We thank you in advance for any support you might be able to muster. Speaking for our dogs, POOCHES GRACIAS!!! Please visit our web site at We can be reached at 707-320-0054 (a US phone number that reaches us in Mexico) or by emailing Our local number 577-2708.