San Felipe International Airport

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


The San Felipe International Airport in Baja, Mexico, has an excellent airstrip. The available runway is 4850 feet oriented 310° and 130°, coordinates 30°57' lat. 114°51' long. The radio control tower has bilingual operators. The airport has an adequate tie-down area for parking your craft, but bring your own tie-down lines. Personnel are cordial and easy to communicate with. After landing, expect a routine military inspection. Passengers are directed to customs & immigration while the pilot fills out an arrival report at dispatch before joining them.


15:00 Z to 01 Z
Winter 7 AM - 5PM
Summer 8 AM - 6 PM

Airport hours are strictly enforced.
Customs and Immigration officials will not
be on hand outside of these hours, so please
plan to land or take off during these hours.

Required Documentation:

  • Registration (in owner's name --non-owners require
    written, notarized permission to bring the plane into Mexico)
  • Air Worthiness Certificate
  • Current Pilot's License
  • Mexican Liability Insurance
  • Current Medical Certificate
  • An approximate outline of your itinerary
  • Passport or Certified Birth Certificate
International Airport at San Felipe


Landing Fee:
$8/single or $16/twin/medium size craft or $25/jet
$8/day/single engine or $16/day/twin engine

Federal Airspace Fee:

Multiple entry permit can be purchased -$50/calendar year

US re-entry Fee:
(purchased in the US)

$30/annual fee (per calendar year)
Must re-enter at Yuma, Calexico or San Diego Brown Airport.
Tourist Card (Visa)
$21, if you don't already have one.
VFR Frequencies.
(Mexican VFR only available
during daylight hours)

Mazatlán Center
Mexicali Tower
Puerto Peñasco Unicom
San Felipe Tower
Multiple Entry Permit:
A multiple Entry Permit is good for one calendar year. It is not pro-rated, so don't wait until November to purchase one.
These must be obtained from Mexico City, so don't expect same-day service.
Planes parked at the airport.
Planes awaiting short-arm inspection
alongside the runway at the airport.
You'll need Mexican Liability Insurance on the plane. You might consider joining the Baja Bush Pilots. It's only $39/year and they have discounts on members' plane insurance. You can visit their site at Use their Insurance link to read about their policies. You can also visit and see what they offer for aircraft insurance. ClubMex works in conjunction with Mexico's SEGUROS COMERCIAL AMERICA and offers a Special Tourist Aircraft policy.

Av. gas - $3.22/gal (varies with the value of the peso)
Jet-A - $2.58/gal

Taxi Service:
There is taxi service from the airport into San Felipe. It costs about $15.

San Felipe Airport Phone Lines:
011-52-686-577-1858 (Phone and Fax)
011-52-686-577-1368 (Phone)
Questions and Suggestions: Contact Daniel Padilla: and please use the word
AIRPORT in the Subject line.

Before entering Mexican airspace, you need to file a standard VFR flight plan. You must also file a US re-entry plan no later than 1 hour prior to re-entering US airspace. This can be done by phone or radio. Frequencies 122.6, 122.4 or 122.2. Telephone: from Mexico 001-858-277-3493.

Pilot Wayne Silva of Sacramento, CA has logged many flights into Mexico. "I was unnecessarily apprehensive before my first flight from Sacramento to San Felipe. Since thn I have made over fifty flights, trouble-free in all aspects."

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