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Accommodations in San Felipe is a growing concern. In 2001 there were 689 registered hotel rooms in town. But San Felipe is a growing resort town. The warm, sunny weather, beautiful scenery, sandy beaches, sport fishing, water sports, restaurants and desert activities draw thousands of tourists every year. And many more each successive year. a number of condominium complexes and hotels are now in the planning stage or have begun construction. More apartments and rental homes are becaming available as the town enjoys a building boom. Hotels are in the design stage or are being refurbished.

Perhaps it is because of this growth that many visitors arrive in San Felipe without planning their stay. This can be a disaster, especially during popular fiesta times or holidays. Often the town's entire compliment of hotel and motel rooms, beach homes and condos are booked well ahead of time. A little forethought can be your rescue from a cool night on the beach wrapped under your own coat. Take the trouble to reserve your accommodation in advance. Click on any of the links or images below for details about their respective venue.

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