Beached Whale

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

JANUARY 21, 2017
-translated from CRISOLVIRTUA

Two facts concern the population of San Felipe: on the one hand last Friday a sanitary closure was decreed and on the night of that same day a whale of colossal size was stranded, which remains on the beach in front of the Malecon of this tourist destination.

As reported, a temporary sanitary closure was declared for bivalve mollusc harvest areas (any type of clam, mussel, oyster, mule leg and ax callus), in San Felipe, Puertecitos and the Gulf of California, from the Delta del Río Colorado to Punta Cerro Prieto. They cannot be harvested, marketed or eaten.

The director of the state agency, Leopoldo Jiménez Sánchez, indicated that it is a priority of the Secretary of Health, Guillermo Trejo Dozal, to inform and maintain approachability for the public in general in the face of any contingency, such as a red tide (harmful algal bloom), which is being indicated on the Gulf of California coast.

After the previous official announcement, the whale appeared and is feared to be part of such an environmental contingency. In the absence of official information, speculation spreads among the population.

It is not the first time that the phenomenon of the red tide is associated with the mortality of marine species and the constant is the lack of official information, because studies are not practiced on the animals found dead on the beach and although it is stated there are scientific investigations, everything is in declarations obscured by the most absurd of governmental demagoguery. Authorities such as PROFEPA and Semarnat are absent.