Fishermen Protest Ban

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

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Fishermen require national waters expelled from environmentalists



San Felipe, Baja Calif

During the strong protest that took place in this port on Sunday 26th of this month, the president of the Federation of Fishermen Ribereños of San Felipe, Sunshine Rodríguez Peña, convened for next Thursday fishermen to go to the boat Sea organization Shepherd that is anchored in the bay of the port, to cast them out, as the federal government allows foreigners to meddle in matters which only the responsibility of Mexicans.

Fishermen and the community of San Felipe, was summoned to meet in the square where the sculpture of the arches at the entrance of the city and port, to explore the Chetumal road and reach the Plaza de la Conservation in the Malecon central part.

There stood half a block a panga to which was burned, then say to the restriction to use gillnet, the fate of fishermen and total annihilation will no longer be able to use their fishing equipment.

There were several speakers who demanded their right to fish, but even also included prominent members of the community, as is Professor Enrique Meza, who joined in support of fishermen.


Rodriguez Peña said that during the two years of the ban to protect the vaquita, the federal government promoted the research of a new fishing gear as it had committed, and now states that you can not use the agallero Chinchorro, according for being predatory vaquita.


The symbolic act of burning a panga on the Malecon in this city and port achieved its goal of drawing attention of the entire community and outside it, in fact a drone flew over the site of the protest, said that it was an aircraft not manned by the environmental organization Sea Shepherd.


Fishermen said they'll put to sea their boats although authorities try to prevent it and Rodriguez Peña gave an ultimatum that expires next Thursday, if you follow the boat said environmental organization, fishermen Montaran their pangas and Iran to expel Sea Cuts.

Rodriguez Peña said it is not a threat but a warning and did paraphrase the comic character Clavillazo:

"I will not burn the Sea Shepherd, but I would like to," he said.