Secondary School Closed

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


FEBRUARY 3, 2017
-translated from CRISOLVIRTUA

by Gabriela Ruiz


Locked SchoolParents at Amistad International High School closed the campus because students do not receive full classes. Several teachers have stopped teaching because they are not being paid.

Prior to these actions, the parents' society, chaired by Gena Jasso Castillo, held a meeting in which the decision was made to close the campus. Because of the lack of payment to teachers, 764 students will be impacted, deprived of 33 hours of English classes, 18 hours of biology, 5 hours of science and 4 of tutorials.

This was corroborated by the director of the school Gilberto Otamin Gonzalez, who in an interview said that they are waiting for the response from the authorities, as the situation has prevailed in some cases for two years.

At the meeting of the parent society, the agreement was reached to close the school because there are days when students only have one class and the rest of the time they are doing nothing. Teachers will be kept in rotation in the school without activities until the problem is resolved.

On this first day of rotating school faculty, shifts are filled by Ubaldo Gomez Tapia, Lusitania Cárdenas Torres, Angela Velez Herrera, Guadalupe Dimension Valdez, Amparo Maldonado Cross, Javier Borja Alviar and Claudia Reyes Liña.