Sunshine Rises Again

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


November 28, 2017

-translated from CRISOLVIRTUA

The municipal delegate of San Felipe, José Luis Dagnino López, posted a video on his Facebook account where he announced his resignation from the position given to him by the 22 City Council of Mexicali.

He explains in his speech that he leaves office given the trust that Mayor Gustavo Sánchez Vázquez had for him to carry out the responsibility of representing the municipal government in the port of San Felipe.

He said he made the decision along with his family, to be able to join the social struggle of fishermen and defend their constitutional right to engage in lawful work.

In the video he emphasizes that he has dedicated himself to the social struggles of San Felipe and infers that holding the position of municipal delegate prevents him from carrying out that task, so he made the decision.

This surprise resignation of the delegate of San Felipe, is a recognition of the failed policies that the federal government has had regarding San Felipe, which have been supported by the state and municipal government, which incidentally are emanating from his party.