San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


(translated from Crisol Virtual)


TotoabaElements of the 19 infantry billited in San Felipe seized a shipment of Totoaba swim bladders and arrested a man and a woman who were illegally transporting the contraban.

Soldiers of the Mexican army uncovered several sierra fish inside a car and further invetigtion revealed three pouches of Totoaba swim bladders. The incident occurred at kilometer 9 of the Puertecitos road.

The Sierra were scattered in the trunk of the car while undereneath, in the spare tire compartment, were the pouches of Totoaba swim bladders.

After detecting the illegal shipment, the soldiers proceeded to give notice to the Procuraduría Federal de Protección de Ambiente, Ministerial and Preventive police, as well as the Secretary of the Navy.Sierra

The confiscation was carried out around eleven in the morning on the 21st day of December and complied with procedures to denounce the two detainees to the Federal Public Ministry, because this is classified as a serious crime, according to the latest reform that was ratified in the Chamber of Deputies of the Congress of the Union.