San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


(translated from Crisol Virtual)


During the monthly meeting between authorities and owners of tourist camps, citizens were urged to organize themselves to prevent crime, mainly residential theft. At the meeting, owners and residents of the northern zone were informed about the advances that have been taken in the coordination of public safety.

The Company Commander of the 19 infantry, José Manuel Nolasco Fonseca, noted that citizens must apply safeguards, such as surounding the tourist campos with cyclone fences, installing entrance booths where guests are required to register upon entry and exit, as well as integration of a registery for persons and companies that provide repair services, maintenance, and the sale of goods or services door by door.

It was underlined that crime has gone down and residents have indicated there is prompt response from the infantry when needed in the campos of the north area. The Commander stressed the continued coordination between institutions and citizens to battle against crime.

The meeting was the last for delegate José Luis Dagnino López and the Director of Municipal Public Safety, Alejandro Monreal Noriega, because management by the current municipal administration concludes on the last day of the present month.

Both officials were congradulated by San Felipe's Secretariat of the National Defense for their collaboration in security tasks for the town.

Present also at the meeting was the president of the Council of Economic Development of San Felipe, Roberto Ledón Pérezchica, who allegedly was there to protest to the civil committee of public safety of the north area, headed by Abril Flores. But the representative of Social Development of the State, Bárbara Carrillo Aguilar, did not invoke the protocol and the intention of the citizens remained truncated by the inattention of the official of the state government.