Fishermen Compensation Program

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


Ariel Arias Toledo"A total of 170 people were added to the program of compensation for the ban on fishing in the Upper Gulf of California", said Ariel Arias Toledo.

Advisor Planning Unit and International Relations at the federal level SEDESOL said that it has received new applications from 109 licensees in the Gulf of Santa Clara and 34 in San Felipe.

In addition, we have 771 fishermen from Gulf of Santa Clara and 683 from San Felipe, and 335 and 223 agents in the production chain, respectively.

These figures give a total of 2,155 direct beneficiaries of the program with varying amounts depending on the category to which they belong. The recent 170 people are in the process of joining the program, which are part of the people who did not originally appear in lists of beneficiaries and which were found to be fishermen.

"This is the maximum capacity that the program supports, but the pattern is active and there will be a process of ups and downs" said the federal official.

Arias Toledo said that given the existing problems of people receiving compensation without being fishermen, they are developing review mechanisms to identify and dismiss those guys.

"This will allow the incorporation of people that cooperatives and associations accredit as real fishermen or agents of the supply chain", he said.

So far they have not found any irregular case because they were just starting the verification process.

On the amounts to be distributed, he said he delivered monthly to each fisherman 8000 pesos, while agents in the production chain are given a number according to their activity.

"For example, there are traders who were awarded 6000 pesos, fishermen assistants were given 8000 and company employees between 4000 and 8000 pesos", he said.