Organized Crime

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


Sept. 1, 2015


Drug dealing and the trafficking of totoaba has led San Felipe is into the hands of organized crime and the authorities are hindered to combat these crimes because police are bound by criminal proceedings, said Alfredo Vazquez, prosecutor who participated in a meeting organized by the private initiative of this port.

Battling Local CrimeJorge Alcazar Piza, a representative of the Military Naval Sector, agreed, adding that the high cost of trafficking totoaba has created a climate of insecurity and the community is in the hands of organized crime.

Alfredo Vazquez of the PGJE said it is very common to see those who engage in trafficking flaunt the economic power of their illicit activities and this encourages people to engage in illegal activities, due to flexible conditions that exist in the scope of federal crimes.

It has been generally agreed that San Felipe should have its own Attorney General's Office to combat organized crime.

Recognizing the problems that exist in terms of public security in San Felipe, alderman Job Montoya said in addition to the proposals from the private sector to improve the current conditions, there must be more jobs created in order to reduce theft in all its forms.

The alderman participated in a meeting convened by Arnulfo Zarate, manager of the Marina Hoteland. His suggestions were endorsed by the Economic Development Council in the person of its president Roberto Ledón Pérezchica.

Local trade officials beseeched federal authorities, complaining about the instability of the local Federal Public Ministry and the Federal Ministerial police to the effect that criminals acted with seeming impunity with regard to the theft of copper cabling from the Federal Commission of electricity and the local retail drug trade.

The meeting was convened to the problems represented by the stealing of electric cable, which has often left tourist camps and colonies without electricity.

Local businesses, represented by the voice of Zarate Arnulfo, acknowledged that there is progress in the fight against theft by the Municipal Police under the command of Adrian Garcia, but that federal crimes also needed to be addressed because they are sources of public security problems in San Felipe.