Cleaning Brigades for Centers

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


La Voz de la Frontera
February 8th, 2015

Cleaning BrigadePending San Felipe's 90th anniversary, the Municipality of Mexicali XXI, through Municipal Social Development (Desom), -neighborhood committees and the general community, -participated in a cleaning brigade to paint and lanscape the Integral Human Development Center.

All this is part of the permanent campaign "Adopt your Development Center", which will be held every Saturday in each of the thirteen centers located throughout the municipality. The campaign seeks to promote the community care, rehabilitation and proper use of these community centers.

While the Integral Human Development Center of San Felipe was enjoying cleaning, painting and lanscaping, a mural workshop for youths was held in the northern Malecon, next to the pier, where over 40 young enthusiasts recorded their talents and artistic interests with paint brushes.

To complete the activities celebrating the port's 90th anniversary, there was a lightning basketball tournament, "The First Basketball Cup of San Felipe", in coordination with the Municipal Delegation and the Club Morados. The tournament was held at the premises of the Chetumal Sports Unit in the colony of Los Arcos.

The director said Desom's priority is to rehabilitate and refurbish the Centers for Integral Human Development in order to provide the population with worthy spaces where they could practise sports, recreational, cultural and training activities to develop productive skills and help improve their quality of life.