The New Baja Almanac

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

The NEW version of the Baja Almanac is finally out and will be available at the San Felipe Title Company this Saturday, October 31st.!

It's been a LONG wait. Shreds and disintegrated pages of previous editions have been littering the floor boards of dune buggies and rails for years. Older copies, treated with a modicum of respect, have been folded so many times their pages are more fragile than a Guttenburg Bible. And just as rare.

The local bookstore has been kept on tenderhooks for longer than it cares to remember in its eternal vigil for this out-of-print, unobtainable grail of the off-roaders, constantly checking with internet soources as well as communicating with Landon S. Crumpton, the author/designer. The wait has finally paid off. has listed used copies of the Baja Almanac between $90-$180. The deserts of northern Baja have never seen so much lettuce. But now it will be possible to own your very own copy without having to take out a second mortgage. Join the droves heading for the bookstore Saturday morning and stake your claim. These books will not last long!

Book Description: The "Perfect Companion for Traveling the Peninsula" is a map-guidebook of detailed topographic maps of the Baja Peninsula of Mexico bound in a paperback atlas. The Baja Almanac is the definitive resource for recreational activities including fishing, off-roading, dirt biking, island hopping, camping, kayaking, surfing, mountain biking, boardsailing, beachcombing, backpacking, hiking, nature viewing, real estate, exploring, collecting rocks and minerals and more. Also includes gas stations, hospitals, lighthouses, churches. Shows populated areas, highways and mileage charts, elevations and other features. Landforms (sand dunes, arroyos, mesas, points), populated areas and bodies of water are also indexed by state: Baja California (Norte) and Baja California Sur. Overview map of the peninsula provides a grid overlay for locating page numbers. Scale approximately 1:250,000.


What people have to say about it:

I live in Baja and I do a lot of expeditions around and this map-book has more detail and precision than any other map built. I made numbers and if you could cut every sheet on this book and put together one map it would be more than 12ft long. I'm also a GPS user and combining these two tools you can plan very good and safe trips; Baja Almanac gives you very close lat & long information so it's very easy to punch data into the GPS. This map it's very difficult to get so if you see it available somewhere buy it. If you don't like it ( I doubt) it has a very good resell price on ebay. Trust me and good luck in your trips to the beautiful Baja!


Well I do agree that this is the best topo map for Baja. Especially for campers wanting to explore the back country. I own several copies - for over 10 years, both first & second editions. The third edition was supposed to be out by now. It is an all time fave & best seller with the Total Escape crew. Unfortunately the author/self-publisher is a big time slacker. We've all been waiting for the third edition for over a year now. Wholesale vendors are finding it impossible to track him down, find out any delivery info, or an expected delivery date. Bummer! Such a great product with an undependable publisher.

Dana Williams