Border Traffic

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico


I am sure gambling addicts consider the border crossing a blessing. With its patternless unpredictability, the thought of leaving San Felipe and being one of the lucky few who arrive at the border to find only three cars ahead of them must give their dopamine levels a satisfying boost. It would be like winning the Powerball Lottery.

In 2007, a total of 5,596,674 vehicles crossed the borders, at both the east and main crossings of Calexico. That's an average of 638 vehicles an hour, round the clock. Finding the precise moment to plug your own car into that equation so your wait is minimized can be a daunting challenge. The two webcams to the right may be of some help, if only to spend countless hours staring at them to determine a patterned traffic chronology, a better and safer use of time than risking carpal tunnel at a slot machine.

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Mexicali Border Crossing
West-Facing Old Border Webcam
East-Facing Old Border Webcam
View of Border Crossing
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