Flights to San Felipe

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

The Grey Eagle Aviation is making runs to San Felipe now. CLICK HERE to get information.

Commuter AircraftThe rumors of commercial airline flights to San Felipe have so far been just that --rumors. Recently some of the local businessmen have chartered a nine passenger Cessna Caravan from Grey Eagle Aviation for flights from both Los Angeles and San Diego.

The commuter service is primarily the brainstorm of San Felipe's real estate industry. Although it is open to round-trip passengers, it would appear to be a shuttle for the developers' potential customers, much as El Dorado's flights are exclusively for their clientele.

Flights, to be three times a week, were slated to start today (June 16, 2002) but have been postponed. An official first-flight date has not yet been given. Round-trip prices are about $375 out of San Diego and $500 out of Los Angeles.

Aircraft InteriorUp to this point, permits only allow round-trip passengers to San Felipe. Once here, the airplane cannot board any new passengers. They must return to the US with their original passenger manifest. So if you dreamed of buying a one-way ticket back to the States, you will have to wait until restrictions are loosened.

According to the San Felipe Airport there is another option called Baja Air. It is a six passenger charter aircraft. However, they do not sell tickets or seats. They rent the whole plane. The cost is around $600./hr, whether one seat is filled or all six. Baja Air flies out fo San Diego's Brown Field.

CLICK HERE for information about the San Felipe Airport.