Carnaval 2010 Parade

2011 Carnaval Dates - March 4-8

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

The Carnaval Parade (Concurso De Carros Alegóricos) for 2010 was an abbreviation of previous years. Although the imaginatively fabricated floats of a decade ago were lacking, the enthusiasm of the spectators retained its level of energy. Decorated floats were sparsely sprinkled among an almost endless procession of dancing troupes from the kindergartens and primary schools. Bright costumes.... spangled, feathered and ruffled, dressed a line of children that seemed to stretch all the way to Puertecitos.

The choreography appeared to share a common theme, one whose history recedes back to the late 1800's when M.J. Leavitt (the Ziegfeld of the Tenderloin) ushered in the age of Vaudeville and Burlesque. While a lap-dance routine has its place and presumably an acceptable demographic among its shapely practitioners, watching a 5-year-old deliver a series of pelvic thrusts in the middle of a busy street can be a little unnerving. One has to wonder if these kids routinely receive Bump-and-Gring Thumbelinas for Christmas gifts.

Despite the modest attendance compared to previous years, it was still difficult to find a place to park in the downtown area. And the variety of license plates proves we are still receiving visitors, if only to celebrate Carnaval.


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