San Felipe Carnaval

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

The Carnaval dates for 2011 are March 4-8


San Felipe Carnaval Poster
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San Felipe Carnival ScheduleSan Felipe, Baja, Mexico has a long tradition of Carnavál, a kind of Mardi Gras that offers such spectacles as Float Parades, The Crowning of the King and Queen, Military Marches, Live Music, Folk Dancing, Mariachis, Cock Fights, circus rides and games of chance. And there is the yearly practice of choosing a local personality or business to be burned in effigy. Called the "Bad Humor Man", the human figure, often made from papier maché, is hung on a pole, wreathed with large sticks of foreworks and set aflame.

The weather is usually excellent for this event, with only a very rare chance of rain.

This year's celebrations begin on February 24th and run to the 28th. There's something for everyone.



Below are photos for 2006

San Felipe Mardi Gras
San Felipe Str4eet Vendor
San Felipe Carnival
San Felipe Mardi Gras
San Felipe Parade Floats
Mexican mardi Gras
San Felipe Beauty Contest
San Felipe Parade Floats
San Felipe Carnival
Mexican Parade Float
San Felipe Mari Gras
SAan Felipe Parade

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