For Immediate Release
Mexicali Dog Catchers
will be in San Felipe
this Friday & Saturday
to do a "round-up" in town.
Dear Randy
I'm sorry to say that this Friday and Saturday, March 7th and 8th "Federal Animal Controllittle puppy" officers will be rounding up all the strays they can on the streets of town and bringing them to the Delegacion (next to the Fire Department). Unfortunately, the dogs they commandeer will be all the sweet, friendly, social dogs that are not only easy to catch, but often are already spayed or neutered and are possibly someone's pet. In the past, these dogs would be senselessly euthanized, but after talking to San Felipe's very cooperative Delegado (mayor), Hazael Sierra Castillo this morning, he gave me his word that these dogs would not be put down, but instead, would become the responsibility of San Felipe Animal Rescue. It is then up to us to decide what to do with them. I assure you, they will not be put down by us, that is not something we would ever do. We need foster care and good adoptive homes, so please step up if you can, and be part of the solution.
Forewarned is forearmed, so make sure your own dogs are off the streets this weekend, and please make sure your Mexican neighors are aware of the "round up" too, otherwise  it could cost you a substantial amount of money to get your own pets back.
By the way, all dogs will receive a rabbie vaccination (compliments of Mexicali) while they are incarcerated. At this very moment, SFAR is putting together a strategy that will accomodate all these strays. After we spay and neuter all of them, we will formulate a plan to either find them foster homes, get them adopted or relocate them. Please let us know how you can help! Dog Food would be greatly appreciated and can be dropped at the SFAR Thrift Store. Please forward this email to others in San Felipe that are effected. is our website for donations.
707-320-4969 from the states.
686-577-2708 in San Felipe