San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

It is a sad day when Americans come into a beautiful country like Mexico and start changing the rules to suit their comfort. I have spent years traversing Baja and its small towns. I have witnessed irresposible locals and Americans alike. I would hope that Mexico does not go the way of the United States. Part of the charm of visiting these towns and areas is being able to have freedom away from the normal modes of transport. Why drive your closed up air conditioned, gas guzzling Suv into town. The same Suv that hauled the whole family, myself and my quads down to visit the culture of Mexico. Oh yeah it also hauled down the wads of cash I bring to spend down there while I am enjoying myself as I drive my quad into town.

I operate every vehicle as a responsible citzen in any country I am in. Its the narrow minded point of view from the author [Quads] that speaks of restriction of freedom and his inconvienence. Maybe he should drink a Corona and lighten up.

Greg Szymanski