Sea Turtle Released Nearby

San Felipe, Baja, Mexico

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Sea Turtle

By: Saul D.Martinez | 20/04/2017 7:37
MEXICALI, Baja California(GH)

Two black turtles, one of them dead , were secured by municipal police in San Quintin and made available to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection ( Profepa ), whose elements released the live specimen in San Felipe.

This species, whose scientific name is Galápagos Green Turtle, is listed as endangered and a total and indefinite ban was declared since 1990, the federal agency reported.

The Municipal Police of San Quintin, Ensenada turned over to the Federal Public Ministry the person who illegally transported the turtles in the trunk of a compact car, intending to take them to Camalú.

One turtle was found dead, covered in lacerations and abrasions as well as a stab wound, revealed PROFEPA .

The live specimen, an adult female weighing 45 kilograms and a straight length of 74 centimeters, was left to PROFEPA to determine its release in an ideal habitat.

Observing no physical damage to the specimen and noting its good response to stimuli, federal agents determined that the body was in excellent health, ready for an immediate release into a suitablel habitat.

This release was conducted in coordination with the Navy in waters of the Upper Gulf of California, south of the port of San Felipe, where there is currently a decree suspending fishing, consequently PROFEPA and Mexican Navy maintain constant vigilance.

The person responsible for the transfer is undergoing criminal proceedings before the Federal Prosecutor for crimes against wildlife.